Top 5 Tools for Pay per Click

August 15, 2014

When you buy traffic, there are specific tools you have to use to make your money stretch further.  Most PPC campaigns lose money before they ever make money.  We are going to give you the tools that you need in order to see targeted website traffic. These tools are going to make the targeted traffic, buy your goods or services if applied correctly.


When it comes to building online forms, it’s a good idea to find something that works and converts!  You may need a database.  Whether you need contact forms, surveys, invitations, whatever the case, you can do so without writing any code at all!

Maybe you are trying to increase targeted website traffic interaction.  If this is your goal, you want to make a mailing list.  With Wufoo.Com, this is very possible.  With this tool, you can begin building a huge database of clients and send out email newsletters – or simply export the list to Excel and use it for another purpose.

You can insert a contact form to make it easier for website visitors to contact you, a customer survey satisfaction so that you can know how the customer experience was and truly customize it to make it better, acquire resume information, invite people to sign up for events, have people order your products through your website, generate leads for your salespeople (or for you, if you’re a one person army), and even have your website visitors report bugs to your site or product.

Certified Knowledge

Before you buy visitors, it is best to have certified knowledge on how to do so successfully.  Most people who attempt PPC fail miserably their first couple of campaigns.  This tool can actually help you so that you increase your chances of seeing massive profits in the future.

Certified knowledge will give you a ton of AdWords lessons, there are over 150 courses that you can watch and take notes on.  Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to try out different PPC tools.  These tools will help you save time.  You will be able to find broken links, calculate long term click through ratio, mix keywords, find geographic keywords, calculate your quality score, and more.

On top of these great features is a fully supportive community dedicated to helping one another achieve their dreams.


We must say, is probably one of the more underrated websites on the internet.  Maybe you have two different ads that have different click-through and you simply want to know how well those ads will perform in the long-run.   This tool can save you a good amount of time and money in the long run.

You can ask anybody that is currently in the PPC industry what the most difficult part of their job is. Chances are, they’ll probably tell you that it’s landing page creation and optimization.

The good news is this: Unbounce.Com works. It’s like a PPC’ers dream.  You can go to their website right now and begin building A & B test landing pages without having a deep fundamental understanding of how coding works.

By using this, you will be able to experiment, split test, and triple your conversion rates without having to hire an engineer.

Using a drag & drop interface to help you create pages. This allows you to create high quality web pages without any code. You simply publish the landing page and you are good to go.  Not only that, but you can also test multiple landing pages to see what ultimately helps.

If you do not want to drag and drop, there are actually templates out there that will further increase your revenue potential.  These are highly professionally designed templates that are optimized so that when people visit your site, they instantly want to take action.

Last but not least, this software does combine with others that are commonly used such as Infusion soft, Google analytics, Aweber, Saleforce, and more.

In conclusion, all of these tools can help, but you have to have the discipline and persistence to work every single day.  By doing this, you can see a great deal of success on a regular basis.  Not only that, but you will never have to worry about guessing, if you use all of these tools.  They give you the solution that you need to succeed – it is all about having a successful mindset and making this work!


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