Top 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Website Traffic

March 10, 2015

If you have a blog or website, you want to drive as much traffic to it as possible. If you are unable to drive traffic to your website, you may experience a decline in sales. Below are some interesting things you probably didn’t know about website traffic.

AdWords Can Display Your Ads When You Tell it To

Not many business owners know that you can tell AdWords when to launch your ad. You do not necessarily want your website ads launching at 3:00am when your customers are in bed. Instead of wasting money with failed launches, configure AdWords to launch your ads when you know your customers are likely to see them.

Free Advertising Won’t Help Much

While free advertising can help drive traffic to your website, paid advertising is what really drives customers and prospects to your website. One of the quickest ways to drive traffic is to launch paid ads on social media accounts. Most people use social media, so you will be reaching many people at once.

Analyzing Data is Essential

If you are not a fan of analyzing or doing math, you may be surprised to learn that you must be well versed in this area to properly manage your traffic. Analytics and math are required to understand where your traffic is coming from and the percentage of those that convert to sales.

Many Visitors Never Stay on Your Site

Unfortunately, many of your visitors will visit your site but not stay. Almost 99% of the people you drive to your site will leave and only about 1% will fill out a newsletter or email form. The above numbers are why it is important to understand the math behind your conversion rates.

Keep Doing it No Matter What

You never want to give up even when your conversion rates are low. Keep trying and figure out why your conversion rates are low. Maybe you need to reword your website or maybe your visitors are unable to get to the form you want them to fill out. Test your ads, test different markets, and be persistent.

Write Killer Copy

Many business owners do not know that the wording on their website directly affects their click through rates. If your website does not have any call to actions or it is not persuasive enough to entice someone, they will leave. You want to make sure that your prospects know you can solve their problem.

Implement New Ideas Today

Take the time to sit down and figure out your social media campaign and advertising campaigns. Always look for new ways to market your business and yourself. You want your customers and prospects to view you as a leader in the market and you want them to feel like they can come to you for help.

Traffic is harder to get to your website than you may think. If you notice your click through rates are low, try buying web traffic and keep trying until you find the sweet spot.

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