Unique Visitors: Who are They and How Do They Help?

January 19, 2016

Increasing the number of unique visitors is one of the basic goals of any website. The term refers to individuals visiting your site during a certain time frame (3 days, a week, two months, etc.). This is usually achieved through IPs, and occasionally, cookies. This tends to be a better way of assessing your website’s growth because you’re measuring your actual followers instead of just visits or clicks. There are many ways of increasing this number, you can even buy website traffic! But first things first, let’s begin by understanding the basics.

Why it’s Important to Increase your number of Unique Visitors

Some people get lost on website hits or overall visits. It’s an important number for sure, but relying solely on it makes you miss the big picture. The only way to guarantee sustained success is through an increase of individuals. Why? Well, you need to picture your website as an actual physical business. Let’s pretend your site is a restaurant. You’re making some money and everything’s going fine. You don’t have a ton of clients, but they’re 5 regulars who make give you a regular income month after month. But regulars can also move away, get bored, have less money to spend, start going to a different place, get sick, etc. If you don’t increase the number of clients (and hopefully regulars), you’re depending on these 5 guys to sustain your business forever. That’s, simply put, insane!

Web sites work in a similar way. The Internet has so many competing sites and activities that you simply cannot count on your current visitor pool to sustain you. And just like any other business, if you’re not in constant growth… what’s the point?

Ways to Increase Unique Visitors

Before you think about increasing traffic, you need to make sure you have the content to back it up. You can get a ton of visitors in April, but if you don’t give them enough reasons to come back, they’ll be gone in May. Each type of website has different needs; you need to determine what are yours. The same goes for your visitor’s needs. They go to your site for a reason, you need to satisfy them. Set specific goals for yourself and don’t stop until you achieve them.

Other than content, there’s a number of tools for increasing traffic. SEO is probably the most famous one. It’s a good option, but the downside is that it doesn’t guarantee a real increase in traffic. Of course, you could always buy website traffic. This has the distinct advantage of a guaranteed increase in unique visitors. Some people feel scared about spending money on traffic, but the results make this service pay for itself.

As we’ve learned, increasing unique visitors is basic for the growth of any Internet website or business. You can use SEO, buy website traffic or a mix of both, but always remember to constantly improve. your content, functionality and design. Now go ahead and make those numbers grow!

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