What are Optimal Conversions and How Can They Work for Me

January 14, 2016

One of the biggest mistakes that people make online is to believe marketing and sales are the same. The disparity between both these terms comes to the forefront when you check your web traffic statistics and find a large number of visits but no sales. This is why it is so important for you to streamline conversion techniques if you want your web revenues to increase. Optimal conversions will only be possible when sales and marketing work together efficiently. If you want to buy website traffic, it is very important for you to purchase the right traffic or all of those hits will be worthless.


Marketing typically involves exposing your potential customers to a lot of messages regarding your products or services. This can be done with the help of Search Engines, PPC (Pay per Click) ads, syndicated articles, etc. These messages are targeted at potential customers with the sole intention of getting them to visit your site and purchase your product or service.

Marketing is supposed to warm your prospects up so that they are more receptive to your sales pitch. But just having the propensity to buy isn’t the same as actually buying. It’s a fact, marketing can’t do anything but create room for conversions.


Online sales have a completely different dynamic from offline sales. It has a learning curve even if you are an expert salesman or copy-writer. This doesn’t include the fact that conversions are complex on their own. That being said, there are a few fundamentals that always work regardless of the medium being used.

Whenever warm leads visit your website, they want you to convert them. You may not believe this since most people hate pushy insurance salesman or telemarketers. But that isn’t really selling, it’s forcing.

Selling is considered an art. It is the science of persuasion and includes matching the needs of your customer with the features of your product or service. It also includes convincing the prospective customer to take action right away. Being able to convince a prospective customer that they need to buy your product or subscribe to your service immediately is what sales is all about.


Trying to convert visitors without due diligence can be quite frustrating. Cold leads are hard to sell. Also, very few visitors actually return to a site. You basically only have one opportunity of converting them into customers.

The basics of optimal conversions depend on well-structured processes and purposeful prospecting, awareness creation and the propensity to buy. This is where marketing comes into the picture. It’s to be followed by systematic persuasion which attends to the logical as well as the emotive needs of customers with the sole intent of matching products and services with the needs and wants of customers which are what sales needs to do.

The seamless coordination between marketing and sales is the base for optimal conversion rates. Buying website traffic and trying to sell to visitors without first marketing to them is going to result in a low conversion rate just as much as marketing to them without completing the sale will.

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