What are Social Signals and How can They Help You?

November 15, 2016

Most SEO work tends to involve websites tweaks which can directly lead to better rankings and engagement with visitors. But, there is also an indirect channel which makes use of social signals for improving SEO outcomes that not too many people actually understand. Google’s algorithm will reward you for social engagement and this can be quite a powerful boost for webmasters who are looking at taking their page rankings to the next level.

How does it work?

Social signals like shares, likes and follows aren’t just meant to help you attract new users, they are an important element of page ranking on their own too. As per Search Engine Land, Google actually does reward pages which have a high social engagement and a long list of followers. Their algorithm is quite generous when it comes to pages that have lots of Google+ engagement. Having lots of followers and +1’s count for much more than follows or likes on Facebook or Twitter.

Mixed opinions when it comes to social signals importance

It is quite surprising to see just how valuable these signals for social engagement may just be. Attracting followers could significantly increase page ranks for websites without attracting new visitors. Even though there is a big difference of opinion throughout the SEO world regarding the extent of this impact that social signals may have on the search engine ranking of websites, more experts are slowly leaning towards the belief that social signals are definitely becoming important.

How do businesses increase their social presence then?

There are some ways in which you can increase social engagement. You can add images to your content wherever possible. Increase the participation by setting up polls or concluding with questions that ask readers for their opinion. Listicles or how-to articles tend to be quite shareable too. Try adding a few of these elements in the next few articles that you publish and watch as the social engagement and your page rankings improve because of this.

Social media strategy

It is very easy to get caught up in the hype that is associated with social media. It is easy to begin social media campaigns. But keeping them consistent, fresh and creative is where the real challenge lies. Before you begin a strategy, it is very important for you to think things out. Prepare a monthly or weekly calendar which you can follow consistently. Remember to measure the results too so that you can figure out whether your strategy was an effective one or not. Without checking the results, you may just end up spending a whole lot of money and wasting your time.

Even if you have created an effective social media strategy but it isn’t working for you, perhaps it is time for you to buy website traffic. This is a great way for you to increase your web traffic overnight with minimal effort. So if you find your website weaning with hardly any success, buy some web traffic and watch as the numbers increase rapidly.

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