What are Unique Visitors and Why are They Important to Your Website

April 21, 2016

Just how do you catch a Unique Visitor? Unique up on them! Was that good? No?

Okay. A Unique Visitor sounds like a relative that comes in to town once every 10 years,

making them a grand guest in your humble abode. But in all seriousness, the kind of

Unique Visitor that we are going to talk about in this blog is a visitor that browses

through your websites and leaves electronic tread marks that are easily traceable.

Unique Visitors are individuals that rummage nosily through pages from a website

during a certain time period, no matter how many times they visit. So in essence, these

visitors come through a website, let’s say several times during a week. Every time that

they come through, it is considered a visit. So that visitor is tracked multiple times or

visits, from that same visitor.

At this point, you may be wondering if this is more of a measure from Big Brother. While

this may be, in a sense, true, it is more for the website’s manager to determine a pattern

from this visitor’s behavior. Tracking these visits is good for marketing aspects as well. It

determines what type of people go through your website.

Determining this is also good to keep those visitors coming back. When you track and arrange any changes in your website, it could be enough to keep your frequent flyers coming back for more. For instance, you have had an article pertaining to as service that you have performed. This service can help someone that may want to come back to see if there were any updates for this service. Your unique visitor is the one that will come back for that, thus making them an integral part of your website’s lifeline.

This is also a benefit to track for your website to make sure that it is actual people click

on your links rather than bots that can access and give false numbers. If you have your

own website for your business and other site are just accessing websites for other

purposes, it helps not throw off your traffic’s numbers.

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