What Does Your Website Say About You?

February 9, 2016

Did you know that a website can tell more about not only you but also your business? The layout which includes the fonts, the theme, and the content matters most when it comes to the impression that visitors get. All this can positively or negatively impact the impression the readers get. Since a website works towards reaching out to more readers worldwide, it is always advisable to create a website that will bring a positive impression to every visitor with different interests. Below are some of the impressions that readers get whenever they visit a website.

Disorganized or Organized

When a reader struggles to get information on your website, they always end up thinking that you are quite disorganized. Even if they know the content is there but they struggled to retrieve it since the links were not working or there was no navigation bar, this is the impression that they will end up forming. Imagine trying to create an online booking but you are not able to complete it due to the website functionality. The website owner does not only lose business, but they also create a negative impression that is spread to other users by the person who had the problem.

Caring or Uncaring

You could be wondering how a website can be caring or uncaring. This happens with the content. You do not just write long posts and forget to show readers the way to do things. Let their experience when they visit your website be extraordinary by providing content that is not only interesting but free videos on how they can get things done. When none of this happens, the readers will see you as a mean person who is not willing to go the extra mile to help others.

Lazy or Detailed

When creating a website, there is definitely a group of readers you are targeting. It could be about make-up, maintaining a vehicle, fixing a microwave or even preparing a sumptuous meal. The content of the website including the writing, videos and photos should serve the purpose of effectively communicating with the targeted readers. It should be error free in terms of spelling and tone otherwise the readers will see you as a very lazy person. When the website is error free and communicates effectively, the readers will see you as a detail-oriented person.

Up to Date or Old Fashioned

Every day there are emerging ways on how to do things thanks to technology. If you own a website, ensure that it is always updated otherwise the readers will see you as someone who does not take an interest in modernity. Always maintain your site by staying up to date.

Having an overview of the impression that readers may get when they visit your website is very important. You can ask your friends and family members to have a sneak peek by conducting a test website. Ensure the website is easy to navigate, it is visually appealing, and content is linked as well as it has great content. This will help in creating a positive impression about you.

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