What is a Bounce Rate and Why is It Important to Your Website

May 17, 2016

When you run a business, one of the biggest things that you want to make sure is available to potential future clients is information. This information could either give them what they need, or deter them to a different company. Now, because this information is extremely vital for both them and your company, it needs to remain fresh and consistent with what you are selling.

Some people can be picky about what they see and just leave without being turned on to what you have to offer. Others are simply not educated or interested enough to continue looking at what you have to offer and give up altogether. When you run a website, this can be the bigger issue with the content that you are trying to display. This is why there is a way to determine how many people visit your website and what they are doing once they have accessed it.

These processes are called Bounce rates. Bounce rates determine the percentage of single-page sessions. So if someone enters your website and they just bounce from page to page, it will determine how many times it is done. This page that has a high bounce rate could have a number of things that push people away. From bad formatting, to no pertinent information, a lot of factors can drive a person to go to another website or just begin a new search over-all.

One suggestion that can be made is to look at the design of your website. Consider redesigning the main, or entrance page. Maybe the maneuverability is hard to go through or even the colors of the page can throw someone off. Changing the way ads are displayed, which can be annoying at most times, is something that can help optimize the page. Changing the way the search within the site can also help improve your bounce rate by adding more or better words for the client to access what they need.

One of the best things that you can do for the full benefit of your website is to do a bounce rate evaluation. Being able to determine where exactly there may be a higher bounce rate, can help you make the changes to keep clients interested. Also by allowing time between changes for the collection of date can help determine if it is the website’s changes or the behavior that is causing the problem. One of the things that cannot be controlled is user behavior. If the user is one that can be easily distracted by banners or just clicks away without realizing, and they never come back, that is not something that can be controlled by the website manager or yourself as the owner.

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