What Is a Bounce Rate?

March 3, 2015

As a website owner, you want your visitors to remain on your site for as long as possible. When users come to the introductory page and then leave, this is now as a bounce. Your bounce rate is determined by how often this occurs. There are many reasons why a user would go to your entrance page and then click off of the site. This doesn’t always mean you did something wrong, it could just mean they found what they were looking for right from the start. Understanding your bounce rate can help keep your viewers on your site much longer.

Calculation of the Bounce Rate

Google analytics offers you the bounce rate percentage so you can see how effective your website is. In order to understand the bounce rate, you need to know how the number is constructed. Google calculates the bounce rate by taking the number of viewers visiting the entrance page divided by the number of overall visitors to the site.

How Do Users Bounce?

In order to be considered a bounce, users can do this a number of different ways. By clicking on a new link or exiting out of the website altogether, the user is considered bouncing. Other forms of bouncing off a page include typing a new URL or clicking the back button. When visitors do this, they bounce out of the site and this number gets calculated into your bounce rate percentage.

What Causes a User to Bounce?

There are many reasons why users decide not to continue utilizing your site. One main reason for this is because your site only contains a single page. When this happens, users get all their information from the entrance page and have no way of moving on to other pages on the site.

Another big reason why you have a high bounce rate is because your site design may be too complicated. When users struggle to navigate your site or cannot find what they are looking for, they will usually click out of it. Too many links or a lack of organization can also contribute to users leaving your site too quickly.

How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Your goal as a website owner is to keep your bounce rate low. This means visitors are more likely to click through your site instead of leaving from the entrance page. If you want to keep your visitors interested, you have to post relevant content. Make sure your content is associated to keywords that users will use to search. You also want to make sure the content is fresh. This means updating it consistently to keep the content current.

Another great way to reduce your bounce rate is by organizing your site. The layout should be simple so that users have no problem navigating the site and finding the content they are looking for. You also want to make sure all links are working and none of them are broken. This will ensure users can navigate within each page properly.

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