What is an Expired Domain?

May 26, 2015

If you have had any dealings with setting up a website and the Internet, then you already know all about getting a domain name to make your website work. What many website owners do not realize is that domain names do expire if you do not renew them the way that you are supposed to. According to the company that you got your domain name registered through, you can get up to five renewal notices before the domain name expires.

If you already know all about expired domains, then you would probably like to know how to snatch one up that you have been keeping an eye on. Below find, some tips on how to snatch an expired domain for your own.

How the Domain Expires

If you intend to snatch a domain, then you need to know how the domain expires to begin with. Believe it or not, domains do not usually expire when they say they do. When the domain is expired, it automatically goes into what is known as an expired status. This means that though the domain is still the owners, it cannot be used for anything. The owner of the domain has 40 days to renew for the fee charged by the site that they were going through.

After the 40 days is up, the domain goes into the redemption period stage. This means that the owner can still reactivate and renew the domain, but it is going to cost them extra money. It is a really good bet at this stage that the owner of the domain is not going to be renewing with the company.

Once the redemption stage has ended, the domain will be locked where everything can be deleted. This stage lasts for five days and then the name will officially become available for you to snatch up.

The entire process lasts for a total of 75 days, from start to finish.

How to Snatch Your Domain

Since you really have no idea when these 75 days is going to be up, you have to be vigilant and look for the drop period phase of the expired domain. This is the three-hour time period in which the name is put back into the system and can be snatched up, this is very unpredictable so you are going to have to make sure and check the site on a regular basis. The best thing to do is go through one of the three major domain-snatching firms and snatch your name up when it drops. This is still not easy to do, and you may still miss your chance at getting the name that you want.

This is just a little information to explain what an expired domain is and how the process works. Snatching up an expired domain is a crapshoot at best, but it can be done with a little vigilance and a lot of luck. Your best bet is to go with your own domain name until that time comes.



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