What is Social Media and Why Should Your Business Care?

November 10, 2016

Nowadays, it is not enough to have a site, you need to extend your digital storefront to websites like Twitter and Facebook. If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook page yet, it is time for you to get with it or risk falling way behind.

Why? Here are 8 reasons:

  • You get to interact with your target market personally. Part of what makes this so cool is that you can interact with your customer base. You will be able to get insights into their lives by reading their status updates and tweets.
  • You can immediately respond to problems. If there is a problem with products or services, you will find out about it right away. This feedback will allow you to take steps in order to resolve the problems immediately. Studies have shown that all consumers appreciate companies which respond to complaints right away.
  • Your competition is going to be on Facebook and Twitter. The sooner you begin your Twitter and Facebook pages, the quicker you will be able to amass fans and followers. This is not something which you would want to fall behind in since it is much harder and far more expensive to play catch up as compared to getting in early on.
  • Visitors are going to be very receptive to messages on social networks as opposed to marketing machines. This is why they aren’t going to really consider what you post as advertisements. They will be more willing to hear what you are trying to say.
  • It is going to get you much more sales. It isn’t surprising when you are staying ahead of your customers that they are much more likely to make purchases when they need to buy something which you sell. Social media marketing does not only promote your company’s name to buyers but also gives them incentives to make a purchase. Try posting or tweeting coupon codes. This is something only your fans are going to find useful. You will be surprised at the number of visitors who make purchases with the free codes.
  • You are going to be able to find customers whom you didn’t even know existed. If you are following specific keywords on Twitter, you will be able to find people that are looking for the products which you sell. Twitter is a great tool for marketing.
  • These customers are going to find you as well. When you are marketing through Facebook, you will join a number of groups that are related to your products, customer base and industry. By posting in such groups, you will be able to influence your customers to check your website out.
  • It is free. Who can argue with something like that? If you are handling social media for your business, things can’t really get any cheaper. If you hire an agency, they are going to charge you big bucks. But if you do it all on your own, there’s no investment involved at all.

And if social media is not being able to generate enough traffic you can always buy website traffic. There are so many companies that offer this service. Go online and find one today.

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