What Most of Your Visitors Are Looking For

May 20, 2018

There are a variety of reasons why your targeted web site traffic will visit your site. Most, if not all, of your visitors are looking for information and products and so, how you present that information and those products will allow you to capture and maintain your visitors interest. Text content is the most common type of information shared online. But, with higher internet speeds than ever before, more people are now looking for other types of eye-catching content. That’s why it’s so important to know your audience, so that you can more effectively cater to their needs.

5 Common Reasons Why Visitors Are Attracted To Your Site


Exciting and Fresh Content

People generally visit websites in search of information to solve certain issues or just to satisfy their cravings for more data and facts. Therefore, by giving them exactly what they want they will appreciate the value of information provided to them. And if they’re happy enough, some will not hesitate to share your content to their friends and social network fans, while others will refer your post to other blogs via links. This will give you more backlinks in the end, which is good for search engine optimization.

So, if you want to improve the engagement with your visitors and encourage them to refer your site to others, then focus on writing high quality content that deal on specific topics. Don’t give out general information just for the sake of making your site fresh.

Instead, be one of the first to report exciting news and trending updates and many readers will not only appreciate your site but some may even subscribe to your RSS feed so that they can be alerted whenever a new post is added. This will, in the end, grow your user-base, thereby giving you certain level of guaranteed page views to your future posts. This will also boost your traffic through social signals and direct referrals via links and emails.


Product Offers

Another reason why some people will visit your site is to check out your product offers and services. Assuming your ads and marketing activities were successful in capturing the attention of targeted prospects, make sure your advertised discounts or guarantees are properly aligned with what was advertised. Otherwise, many will end up disgusted or feel betrayed for false advertising.

Another important note is to make your product offers appealing enough to set it apart from the rest of your competitors to spark a lot of interest. If your advertised specials are nothing to write home about, then your targeted audience will most likely continue their search for better offers elsewhere.



A lot of people are video hunters, and they are consistently looking for new and exciting videos to watch. This is the main reason why YouTube enjoys billions of video views per month. So give some of your visitors exactly what they want by inserting videos in some of your web contents. To make this work, you can create your own videos or carefully select videos to ensure that each one passes or exceeds your visitors’ expectations.

When it comes to videos, you want something that stays on topic, but you also want a video that is entertaining, informative, and/or funny that people will want to share. Back in the day, people used to spread information by word of mouth. These days, information is spread exponentially faster via social networking, which can add a huge boost in traffic to your website.

There are two ways to insert videos in your blog. One is direct upload, while the other method is to upload your video in YouTube and then embed your YouTube video to your site. Either way works best. But you have to split-test which method has the best results in your case.

Some webmasters report that they’ve received better results using direct uploads, but others experienced getting significant amount of video referrals from YouTube that redirected some of the traffic to their sites. But what is important here is to have some posts inserted with videos in order to cater to a specific group of targeted web site traffic.



Another type of visitors coming to your site is a group of photo hunters. They are looking for niche-related photos that they can share to their friends on Pinterest. Some are looking for images that they can share with their Facebook friends, as well.

If you add related photos in your contents, you can actually capture significant amounts of traffic from Google Images as these visitors place a higher value on images rather than content. These are people who find your website through the image search function provided by Google. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your images so that your content photos will also rank well in the Google Image search result pages.

Learn the varied methods of image search optimization. This includes adding alt-tags, inserting a brief description of the photo including the main message, and adding a title to the image, among others.



As infographics increase in popularity, you can add them to your website to attract new visitors. Infographics are a nice combination of data and graphics so that viewers can quickly and easily comprehend the visual information with minimal analytical efforts. According to a study done on this site, the effects of infographics on targeted website visitor engagement shows that visual information will engage 40% more visitors compared to visitors reading plain-text content.

This is due to the fact that visuals comprise around 90% of the data that comes to the brain. This means that people will more likely to respond to visuals than texts. Between 2011 and 2013 the search volume for infographics on Google increased over 800%, so there’s a good chance that many of your visitors will have arrived at your site through your infographics via Google search.

So, if you want to increase web traffic, then regularly add infographics from time to time. This will not only attract more traffic to your site, but this will give you more social signals and direct referrals, as well.


Key Takeaway Message

Being aware of what most of your targeted web site traffic want can help you position your site better, and this will also attract interaction and better engagement with your audiences. Your visitors have different needs, and they are looking for varied types of media.

But regardless of the type, most of them are in search for content. So content quality should remain as the core component of your website; but you must also cater to the more specific needs of your traffic. You may not be able to satisfy everyone, but you are better off making most your visitors happy by giving them different types of information such as images, videos, and infographics, among others. One of your main goals should be to provide ultimate user-experience to your targeted web site traffic so that many of them will not only refer your site to others, but they will keep coming back more often to get fresh contents from you.

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