What To Look For In Terms Of Website Traffic

January 27, 2015

Anyone who manages a website should be using a form of analytics. Being able to diagnose and track the sources and quality of your traffic is essential in guiding your website design and maintenance. Some of the basic values you should really focus on are the percentages of sources and time loyalty. When looking at the breakdown on your traffic, you should look to see: no more than 40% from search results, around 30% should be direct traffic, around 20% should be from referrals or link backs, and only about 10% of your total traffic should come from campaigns consistently. The genuine goal to have is to have as much natural traffic as possible. Buying website traffic, through actual traffic purchasing or ads can really help boost a beginning site and sustain traffic in slow times, but ultimately you want to build your site to keep itself going mostly on its merits and your branding.


How to properly build up your website traffic composition.

When it comes to building up your website traffic composition, you have to keep in mind it won’t start out with the same ratios and that the percentage breakdown above is an ideal goal to work towards. At times, especially when first launching a website, your goal is to generate interest and help build your brand. Buying website traffic, a bit heavier in the starting phase while you also work with social media, building links and other marketing venues, can help give your site the boost it needs to build up its natural traffic. Natural traffic is traffic that people directly link through other sites or through in put. There is a difference in searching for “red wagons” and “Radio Flyer red wagons”. Search links that are a result of the person searching for the company name directly count more towards your natural traffic than your general search traffic.


Buying website traffic from targeted audiences can help even more.

When you plan out your budget to invest into internet marketing, buying website traffic can be one investment that is good for generating natural traffic in the long run. When you purchases hits from a reputable business, you are having links to your site that generate less bounce than other means. For example, improper SEO can lead to extremely high bounce and lowered rankings, than purchased premium traffic. The key differences lay in how well you design your site to be engaging and turn casual traffic into serious browsing. Buying website traffic through premium services is a very affordable way to have thousands of people who have interest in your niche, exposed to your site. While the initial nature of the visit is casual to fulfill the order, if your content is engaging enough, they will stay longer and increase the benefit. This is from the other aspects that affect ranking, which includes not just the source of the traffic, but how long each browsing session on your site lasts.

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