Why Keeping Your Website Current is Important to Getting Visitors

October 4, 2016

In the early days of the Internet, you could afford to build your website and leave it as is for few years, and nobody would even notice. A couple of decades down the line, with the Internet maturing into a versatile marketing tool for businesses (apart from many other things!), a static website is the surest way to kill a business. You can redeem the situation by buying website traffic for your business niche, but it is also essential to keep your website current to attract visitors. There are very good reasons for doing so.

Fresh content and search results go hand-in-hand

There is no way a search engine can judge the merits of one product against another. So why do some products appear on the first page while others are relegated to later pages? You’d be surprised to know that it’s Google’s way of sieving through various products and keeping the more “relevant” ones on top. Wondering how Google does that? One factor that helps web crawlers index web pages is frequency. If you are in the habit of updating your website frequently, Google catches that dynamism and is likely to place your product more prominently in the search results. Make sure you update your website by adding useful and relevant content, and Google will love you for it.

A dynamic website shows customers that you mean business

You are looking for a power backup and have heard about a company that produces them. However, when you click or tap your way to the website of that company, you find that the last update was in 2012. You go to the Blog page on the same website and see the last entry dated April 2012. Will you still go ahead and do business with them? Basically, a website that lacks fresh content creates the wrong impression and drives visitors away. Even if you buy website traffic, that might not be enough unless you have an updated website.

A dynamic website brings repeat visits to your website

Most businesses have subscribers who receive regular mailers about your product updates. However, if you have nothing fresh to offer, your subscribers will lose interest in your website and your products. Most likely, your mailer will end up in the trash folder. On the other hand, if you keep updating users with new content, it will go a long way in retaining their interest and inducing them to visit your website. Fresh content encourages visitors to come back repeatedly because they realize that you have a “happening” website.

Constant content updates lead to keyword optimization

If you keep churning new content on your website and have an SEO strategy in place, you have that much more scope to add keywords to your content. In turn, this will increase the visibility of your web content in search results and increase web traffic to your online presence. On the contrary, lack of fresh content means fewer keywords on your web pages, which will relegate your web content to a distant page 4 or 5 in the search results.

The Internet is like a living organism, and so is your website. You must invest in both time and resources to breathe life into your web pages and retain its relevance to changing customer needs. Thankfully, today’s advanced technology gives you the option to increase visitors by buying website traffic from a leading service provider like BuyFastWebTraffic, which has a traffic network comprising 168 Internet companies, 132 expired domains, 127 premium websites, and 13 business niches.

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