Why Your Competitors Continue to Buy Website Traffic

November 21, 2014

If you are a smart marketer, you should not only focus on your marketing strategies, but you must find out the activities of your competitors, as well. These days, the marketplace is getting tougher as more competitors are coming in, while seasoned marketers are becoming more aggressive in their marketing activities. In the online world where website traffic is an important element in the success equation, many webmasters are buying hits, and if you do not buy website traffic, as well, you might be left behind by the lead pack.

There are many reasons why you should buy targeted website visitors despite the downbeat outlook on this method to increase blog traffic. The mere fact that many big businesses and a handful of popular brands are still buying visitors to their websites today, the benefits of having a quick spout of visits to your blog are just astounding that those who know when to use it will keep on using this method moving forward.

However knowing what your competitors are doing is nothing extra ordinary; it is just an integral part of strategic marketing. To set yourself apart from the rest, you must also understand why they are doing it so that you can better decide if buying cheap website traffic should be integrated in your marketing program or not. To start the balls spinning, here are few common reasons why some brands are buying traffic to their websites.


One of the reasons why webmasters are buying hits to a webpage is because they are split-testing their sales copies. It will certainly take time to determine if your landing page is optimized for higher conversion if you solely rely on the natural flow of traffic. You can speed up your split-testing time by using this method to quickly get a crowd of people seeing your modified and optimized landing page.

Take note that there are numerous conversion factors that remarkably influence the buying decisions of your prospects. Among them are the headlines, the content, the web design, the buy buttons and shopping cart, and so on. With so many factors for split-testing, buying page views is a practical method to shorten the split-testing time.

Increase Visibility among Wider Audiences

Expanded exposure is important in branding and reputation building. You will effectively enhance your image well if your brand is repeatedly seen by many people. So if you are building your brand image and improving your popularity among targeted people, then gathering a crowd to your blog is one of the things to do.

You can implement traditional marketing methods like article syndication, blog commenting, forum posting, and social bookmarking, among others, to get more        visitors. These methods will eventually give you steady flow of traffic over time, but this will also take time.

If you want quick results, among the best techniques are advertising and purchasing web traffic. Since advertising is getting costlier today as demand increases, those who are tight on budget are now buying traffic

Get More Social Signals and Valuable Referrals

If you think that your contents are really damn good, then you should send in as many people as you can with full confidence that some of them will share your post to their social network friends, or refer your site to their list of subscribers. This will give your site more social signals, which is good for search engine optimization. You will also get many referrals with higher probability that your posts will quickly go viral.

In this case, buying traffic is one of the best alternatives to gather a crowd. Some of them many not be interested in your contents, but if they find your posts really helpful then they will refer your article to people whom they know will surely benefit from the information shared in your posts. This is a good way to ignite viral marketing.

Get More Participants

Success of online events like webinars is partly measured by the number of participants.  So if you are organizing a big event like a product launch, then you need to make a good first impression by getting as much attendees as possible. You can send invites to your emails, announce your events in press release networks, blog about it, or tell your friends regarding the special occasion in different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also advertise your event in popular blogs if you have sufficient budget for advertising. But if your financial resources are limited, you may opt to purchase visits to your site so that many people will be aware about your upcoming launch and tell others about it.

Bargain Sale Days and Product Launches

There are times when buying traffic is not just a choice but imperative if you want to achieve your marketing goals. This is also true if you are offering some special discounts for a limited time, or you are giving seasonal bargain sale on selected products. During sale days, more prospects will become buyers, and the key to getting more availment of your offers is to gather massive visitors to check out your enticing deals.

On these occasions, buying hits is a practical choice; it can even be a strategic move to get ahead of your competitors, especially during shopping seasons of the year like Christmas, Black Fridays, Thanksgiving Days, Valentines, and Cyber Mondays. While the demand is high, competition is also tough during these times. But you can quickly gain traction if you buy traffic to get more people see your attractive time-bound deals.

When Not to Buy Traffic

While it’s good to know the best times to buy targeted website traffic, it is important to be aware of the times not to buy visitors to your blog, as well. You should not solely depend on this method for your traffic needs. This must only be done to reinforce your core strategies. Therefore, you should still have to formulate effective techniques to get organic flow of traffic such as search engine optimization.

Having an expansive visibility in the search engines will warrant steady inflow of visitors that are well targeted to your niche. Article marketing is another good method to enforce. This may be old-school but this technique still works. After all, many people are still logging on to the web in search of information, and article marketing can help you engage with prospects right at the path when your content is needed most.

Likewise, social media marketing is another rising trend in the online world. Billions of people worldwide are visiting various social networks every month to get updates, to meet people, and to socialize with friends. Active engagement with prospects and customers in these social networks can greatly expand the footprint of your business. The social network is another good source for natural flow of website visitors.

The main point here is to take care of the basics first. You must build a solid foundation for your traffic flow. You may buy website traffic from time to time, and during times when you badly need a crowd of people in your site to boost performance, but should not be used regularly just like advertising due to the required investment. Traffic will only come for as long as the campaign lasts. Once you are done, the numbers of visitors will also subside, and so too will your income. But if you have other traffic sources, your business will survive.

In short, buy website traffic only when needed. As a quick method to increase your targeted website visitors, this must be used as a performance booster, and to stay ahead of the competition when the market is tough.



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