Words That Help Increase Web Traffic

September 23, 2018

According to some research, an average person uses around 7000 words every day. Of course, the number of words used by an individual depends on their education level and the situation they might be in at that particular time, but the actual quantity of words used daily is similar. In general day-to-day conversation, people use a combination of words in a variety of ways to express themselves or explain something without spending too much thought on what words they use. On the other hand, salespeople and marketers must be really careful when they choose what words they use. If you are looking to promote a product and make sales, words can be very important. These words must be precise and engaging so that your target audience is reached and your website advertising displays the proper message. The choice of words can directly affect the website’s success. If you find the right words for your audience you can expect increased traffic and longer visits.

People that visit your website can get involved in different actions – some of them want to buy something, others want to share the content with their friends, some of them want to click and obtain more information, etc. Different words work in different situations so let’s check which words work the best in certain situations.

Words that encourage visitors to make a purchase

If you are looking to attract customers that already know what they want you should use some of the words that we will mention in a combination with the service/product you provide. If someone is looking for “auto repair shop dallas” on the search engine, they will get many results. By using some of the popular words used by people who are ready to buy something online you will get better conversion. Examples of words that work with visitors that are ready to make an online purchase – discount, bonus, bargain ,sale, budget, alleviate, top, treat, repair, remedy etc. Use Keyword Planner to make the perfect combination of your main keyword and some of these words.

Words that encourage people to click on a link

If you are looking for a product or service on the internet you will get many results. People don’t have time to click on all the results and this is why it is extremely important to get their attention once the results appear on their screen. You can do this by enriching your snippet with relevant words. Some words will significantly improve click through rates from search engines like Google to your website, this ultimately means increased web traffic. Words like best, tricks, tips, great, free have all proven to be a real attention-getter.

Words used in headlines

With the right headline you can expect dozens of shares in a matter of minutes. In case you didn’t know people love to share headlines that have numbers in them. The bigger the number the bigger effect you will achieve. But, besides numbers you can also use some of these words – surprising, amazing, smart, critical, hacks, huge etc. Of course, you will first have to come up with a nice headline and add some of these words. Most viral headlines contain some of these words. Depending on your niche feel free to use some negative words like war, fear, dark and kill too.

Words play a very important part in generating targeted website traffic. Do you need help generating website traffic? We can help. Contact us today to learn about bringing more targeted traffic to your website.


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